For The Birds?

I have had a long week! Both of the boys were sick this week. This being sick thing is truly for the birds!

Steven started with his cold Sunday. Mainly tired, slight temp, little cough.

By Monday, his cough was worse and he laid around all day. Call the papers, cause you can bet your beans there's something wrong when Steven isn't jumping all over the house "Ch"-ing. He didn't even touch his Gameboy! He stayed home from preschool all week.

Matthew went to school Tuesday with a baggie of cough drops and some extra vitamin C. By Tuesday night, he had his temp and was hacking to beat all get-out. He stayed home Wednesday and Thursday. He went back today and looked whipped by the time we finished supper. He's such a good boy, though he has almost all of his make-up work done already. :::sigh of relief:::

Steven was definitely feeling better today! He was in rare form all day and on my very weary nerves. I must have been quite vocal about this because after DH got home, his Mom called him to come help his Dad out down at DH's sister's house and he took Steven right along with him. I needed that!

As much as I love my little baby cakes, he had me at my wit's end today.

So now I am catching up on my blog-reading and I found a great post at Stephanie's. I'll sum it up for you, but you should go over and check out her bird feeders and recipe. She posted about feeding the birds and how much she enjoys watching them from her kitchen window.

It got me to thinking about something I like to do, especially in the fall and winter.

I take the lint from my dryer and add to it any clippings of fabric or yarn from our many craft projects and toss it in the woods. The birds will use it to line their nests! I suspect other animals like chipmunks, mice and squirrels will pick these things up, too.

Talk about one man's trash being another's treasure! How nice and cozy it must be to be a tiny, little animal coming home to a warm, lint-lined nest after a long day of hunting for food. Imagine being a tiny mammal and hibernating in a pile of soft fuzz! Mmmmmm! Makes me want my blankie! LOL!

So tell me... is there anything special you do for our furry or feathered friends? Leave a comment and pass on the info!


Samantha said...

just stopping in to say HEY! I got laid off before I could work my notice out at work (they love me so much that they are MAD that I was quitting, I guess LOL) ANyways, write to me (snailmail) if you feel froggy :) *hugs* I miss ya!

Rory said...

Ugh. The colds and the sniffing and the sneezing. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. We have had illness in our house, too. Do these things go right round the world??

Glad to see that things were improved by the week's end. Are you going down with it next?

Stephanie said...

That is a good ideas too! Have you ever found any of the nests lined with your scraps? That would be cool!

Mike is a smart daddy. We need breaks! Esp. when there are sick little ones!

Rebekah said...

neat idea with the lint. We've been sick here too. I cleaned the house from top to bottom trying to kill those pesky germs

Heather said...

Sam- I'll be snail mailing you soon! Miss you too partner!
Rory- I think these things do travel around the world. I had it already, but the kids had it worse.
Stephanie- I've never found any nests with my lint in it, but I'd love to. The trees in the back are really too tall to see in any of the nests.
Rebekah- I hope you're all feeling better soon!
Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

Lisa said...

Ughh. That is ROUGH. Hope all is normal in your house soon!