I am up to my ears in projects!

I am in the middle of putting together 8 huge gift baskets for Matthew's school. The PTO does a fundraiser every year that involves parents sending in items to be used in the baskets. There is a theme for each grade. The items are gathered and magically arranged into fabulous, aesthetically pleasing gift baskets by me and a friend.

I made the mistake of doing it myself one year and have since enlisted the help of my friend Joanne. Joanne has a daughter in Matthew's class and she goes to my church. She is a lifesaver when it comes to projects and school events. I'll have to post about how she earned her clipboard sometime.

So today I took Matthew to school, dropped Steven off at preschool and headed off to Dollar Tree for some cellophane basket bags. I am a sucker for Dollar Tree. I could spend days (and lots of moolah) in there. I am fully aware that much of their inventory is junk, but how can you pass up a mock-chocolate-Easter-bunny-candle-holder-thingy for a buck? ONE DOLLAR, PEOPLE!

Okay, so I actually did pass on the bunny, but there was so many other things I 'needed' in there. Here are some of the deals I got (only a buck each!):
4 Chinese take-out containers with red and blue stars on them
Red and blue shredded foil to fill said containers with
Cake plates for Matthew's Birthday parties
Napkins for Matthew's Birthday parties
Valentine's cards for both of the boys to pass out at school
Valentine's cards for family (2 for $1!!!)
Adorable note pads that were just too cute to pass up
A couple of items to fill in the raffle baskets
Streamers (you can never have enough streamers)

How lame is it that I had a great time in Dollar Tree?

Besides working on the baskets, I made 19 mini posters for the high school girls JV and Varsity basketball teams. My Sister-in-law was signed up to make these for the game tonight. They're kind of a spirit thing with a Nestle CRUNCH bar taped to it so it reads, "CRUNCH the Mustangs!" My niece is recovering from having her ACL and meniscus repaired. They knew the project was coming up, but thought they'd have a little more time to do it. They flipped the calendar the other day and realized that the game they were signed up for was tonight. Aunt Heather to the rescue! I love doing little projects like that, though. I'll take anything that gives me an excuse to stamp.

Oh, I almost forgot! The red, white and blue items are for the Student of the Month Luncheon table at the elementary school tomorrow. Our class is in charge of decorating it this month and our theme is President's Day.

Off to get working on some of these projects and get them done.

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