Happy Birthday, Matthew!

My first son was born nine years ago today at 4:57 AM. After a long, long, long labor. Did I mention it was long?

Despite all of the Lamaze classes and reading every book under the sun pertaining to childbirth, child rearing and years of babysitting experience, I was not prepared for what would take place during labor and delivery. I think all you Moms out there will agree that its just something you have to experience.

I'll tell that story another time.

Matthew was 7 lbs. 4.75 oz. and 19 inches long. He seemed so tiny and petite. He was never a chubby baby and always looked like a little man to me.

Matthew has never been a typical child. He had a little trouble getting to sleep his first night home, but was always right on schedule after that. He slept clear through the night by 3 months. He beat the books on every milestone (first tooth 5 months, walking by 9 months), and he has the longest attention-span of any kid I've ever known.

He soaks things up like a sponge and has a memory like a steel trap.

He's such a good-natured boy. He is a people pleaser, but has never done something he shouldn't just to make someone else happy. He's a peace-keeper who can reason with anyone.

As a baby, his favorite toy in the car was a squirrel call. All you had to do was hit the end of it and it made a cool little chattery bark. He wore the thing out.

When he was 3 and had come down with pneumonia. He looked so peaked laying in the recliner. Even in the middle of that horrible bout, he stuck with his potty training and stayed dry through the nights. He's got an iron will.

Yesterday DH asked Matthew what he wanted for supper figuring he'd want to go to a pizza buffet place we went to once that he loved. Matthew chose homemade deer tacos. (I was patting myself on the back for buying seasoning and shells at the store on Friday.) He's totally practical!

He never fails to surprise me. Last night, I went in his room to fetch pajamas for after his bath and to remake his bed which he had thrashed the sheets off of the night before. I walked in and he was just finishing making his bed after cleaning his room. I hadn't mentioned that he needed to clean it and I hadn't asked him to make his bed. He just did it. It almost made me cry.

He's a great teacher, too. I've learned so much from him... mostly about sports, but a lot about life, too. Like, for instance, no matter how hard you try, they're going to grow right out of those cute stages and become little people with their own opinions.

So my sweet boy is growing up. He's one year closer to the dreaded teenage years where I will inevitably become his mortal enemy and embarrass him simply by existing. For now, I am glad to have his hugs and kisses and high-fives whenever I can get them. I wish I could bottle them!

Happy Birthday, Matthew! We love you!


Stephanie said...

Give him a hug, kiss and high five from us too! Hard to believe our little guys are getting so big!

Vicki said...

Ohh our boys grow up don't they?