UPDATE on my Tackle It Tuesday list!
(scroll down to read that baby!)

So today, I got some of my Christmas Cards done and mailed, put up a ton of decorations, started my Christmas Dinner menu and checked over my Christmas list. WHEW!

All that and I took one kid to elementary school, took the other to preschool, picked up a Kindergardener I watch, picked up the preschooler, dropped something off to my friend's house, got gas, played Santa (watch your mailbox, Sam) and stopped at the bank! WOW! AM. I.EVER.TIRED!

Time to get these boys in bed and do something for myself! Always remember to pamper and reward yourself for a good day's work!

Now that I have most of that decorating done, I plan to take part in Boomama's Christmas Tour of Homes this Friday. Make sure you check her out (her blog, that is) and see all of the beautiful photos everyone will be posting!
I sure am glad Boomama is doing this! It gives me a chance to display all my hard work to the masses... all two of you! :o)

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Samantha said...

Oh hey, I can comment today! You're sending me another goody in the mail? WOOHOO! I love Santa ;) LOL You definetely do NOT have to do that though!