For the Redneck Who Has Everything

If you've been reading It's All For the Best, you'll know that I love to get deals on and make Christmas gifts.

I also believe there's a little redneck in all of us or at least somewhere in every family.
C'mon! There's always that one person in every family that you'd bet was the inspiration for Cousin Eddie. You know, the one you HOPE doesn't come to your kid's sporting events for fear that they'll demonstrate their winning 'tobaccey spit'?

Yeah... that one.

Now, let's say that you draw this person's name for your Christmas gift exchange, but they seem to have everything from every garage in the nation.

I'm here to report that the perfect gift is just a scrap of wood and a swing-chain away...

Our friend and neighbor George brought one of these babies to our house over the weekend. He found it at a craft(?) booth somewhere North of here. His had Miller cans, but he wanted to make one for my Father In Law as a Christmas gift.

If you know my FIL, you could only make one of these gems with Natural Light (or "Natty Light" as we like to call it) cans. I just happened to have 5 in my fridge from about 6 months ago, so I emptied them (down the drain thankyouverymuch).

George put the one above together and brought it back for me to give it to Bill. I tried to convince George to give it to him, but he wouldn't hear of it.

I pondered how one should wrap such a unique gift and finally decided that a paper grocery bag stuffed with Dollar Tree bags would add just the right presentation.

Then, DH commented that I should have duct taped the bag shut. Well, off came the scotch tape and on went the duct tape. Then, my creative juices started to flow and I made a gift tag out of duct tape, too. Of course, I put George's name in the 'from' field... wouldn't want anyone to think I was responsible for this...um... I mean that I was trying to steal George's credit.


Stephanie said...

That is great! Don't know that side of your family, but thinking of several on the other side that would appreciate such a gift and presentation! LOL

Samantha said...

ahahaha!! My husband would LOVE that! He is a natural light drinker!!

Mom2fur said...

That's pretty funny!