Christmas Will Be Here Any Moment

As Steven was gazing longingly at the Santa Countdown this morning, he announced to the world, "Oh my gosh! 3 days left! Christmas will be here any moment!!" Then, he ran around like a chicken with his head cut off to different areas of the house flipping his hands back and forth in a blur pretending to 'do things'.

I'm sure he didn't learn that by watching me (sheepish grin).

Yes, Christmas will be here any moment now and I have an entirely too long to do list.

So what am I doing about it?


Well, I consider it more like chatting to my friends and updating them on all of the exciting preparations I am involved in.

I don't think DH will buy it either.

Anyways, here is a list of what I'll be doing the next few days just incase I don't get back to the 'puter and you think I have fallen off the face of the earth...

Friday- Cleaning like a madwoman; in much the same fashion as Steven, but hopefully with some actual results. Baking whatever I think I can without it disappearing before it's time to serve it. I also plan to grocery shop a little. I don't really need a ton of stuff, but what I need is vital to the dishes I will be making... like bread for the stuffing and you know miscellaneous things like milk.

Saturday- More cleaning. No matter what I get done today, it will be about half-undone by tomorrow. We have the families I babysit for coming over for a dessert party and a surprise visit by Santa. It's always a lot of fun. I especially enjoy seeing my 14 year old neice turn bright red when we make her sit on Santa's lap. It's inevitably a good show. This is the part that makes me giddy! Having company over to our winderful home!

Sunday- Oh holy night! I really enjoy Christmas Eve and I'm happy it's on a Sunday this year; it gives it an even more spiritual feeling to me. I will most likely be baking and getting any foods ready ahead of time that I can. My parents and Grandma are coming over for dinner andmy Sister, her husband and their 2 boys will be stopping by. YEA!!! Oh, yeah... more cleaning to be sure.

Monday- THE BIG DAY! This is where the marathon begins! Dh will awaken sometime around 5:30 and ask why the kids aren't up yet. He'll sneak out and try to rig up something to make a bell ring. That will fail to get the kids to stir. Meanwhile, I will be peeling my eyes open since I've only been asleep for about 2 hours and trying to 'feel' my way around my camera to take pictures.

DH will get the boys up and the madness will begin. We'll be done opening by about 6:15 when we will commence dosing ourselves with caffiene and breakfast, trying to get everyone dressed and calling everyone to find out what time to be at his Sister's house... which is always around 8:30, but MIL and FIL will not arrive until 9 because no one else has anywhere to be. (Sorry for that little vent.)

THEN, we will load all of the gifts from their house and take it back to our house to unload, load the gifts for my Grandma's in the truck and head 30 minutes South for brunch at Grandma's. DH will spend the entire time running in and out with our gifts just to avoid the crowd (it's a BIG family) and trying to keep the kids from eating because everyone down that way has had a stomach bug the last few days.

Back home at about 12-12:30 to breath, let the kids play all day and throw the turkey in. It's only a 14 pounder, so it won't take too long in a roasting bag. I have the time I need to get it in the oven by all set and maybe this year, I will finally figure out how to set the timer so the oven will be preheated when I walk in the door. Yeah, right.

DH's family will arrive at 5 to eat and everyone will eat too much. We'll begin opening gifts and probably lose Steven in the pile of wrapping paper... it's happened before.

So, if I'm not able to post while I'm on my cleaning/cooking frenzy, you'll know why.

I hope you all have a wonderful, Merry Christmas! May the true spirit of this blessed holiday fill your hearts and remain throughout the New Year!


Mandy said...

It's funny that you said that you have to wake the boys up. Every year we have to wake the boys up. Jason and I are always up way before them. Last year we even resorted to throwing things at the wall to wake them without really being the ones to wake them! We also talked about this at work and only one person doesn't have to wake her kids. I remember getting up at 4 o'clock or even before. Kids these days!!!
P.S. It will probably be me, Ea, Jarrett,Brandon, and Brayden.

Kelli said...

I spent alot of today cleaning too and will spend tomorrow baking and cooking so I don't have to spend Christmas Eve in the kitchen.
Wishing you and your family and Blessed and Merry Christmas!

Samantha said...


mommyjo2 said...

I call blogging "organizing my thoughts". It's helpful that I posted a Tackle It Tuesday list this week - I can point and say, see, dear, I'm just updating my to-do list!
All work and no play makes Mama a dull girl.

Stephanie said...

WOW! What a crazy day! I know you love it, but it wore me out just reading it! :) Sorry we missed you while in Ohio though!

Pamela said...

all that cleaning made me tired.
(I'm just stopping in some of the newer blogging chicks - see who is on the blogroll)

Betcha all that cleaning got reversed very quickly.
But hope you had fun doing so.