Nifty-Thrifty Thursday Tip! Kids Artwork.

My latest Nifty-Thrifty Thursday Tip is a space-saver/memory-maker combo. Flylady once mentioned taking a picture of an item you are sentimental about before blessing someone else with (donating) it. I do this with my kids' artwork! Whenever they bring something of "refrigerator quality" home, I take a picture of it- don't forget to take one with the artist, too. When it's time to replace it, you won't feel guilty about taking it down and putting up the next masterpiece.

Another way to use these pictures is if you have a digital camera, you can load the pictures onto one disk and have a video scrapbook, or you can shrink them down and print them out to make cards. Matthew has used a picture of a bus to make a card for the bus driver and a picture of hearts to make his own valentines. It would work equally well to make birthday cards, invitations, etc.

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