I really have been writing. Just not here.

It's been a while, but Football season is just about over here. Well, the season is finally over, no more shoving food in our faces and rushing out the door to practice, but we still have the awards ceremony to get through.

I am always hoping to have more time to sit down and write... maybe this will be the year??? It's too bad the ubiquitous "they" can't invent something that transfers what we think into a formatted document that I could merge into my blog as I am always writing in my head.

I truly think I have some form of mental OCD that causes me to compose every daily event in my head as if it were a blog post or part of a book. If I could harness that and transfer it immediately to written words, I'd have tons of fodder for your reading pleasure! Sadly, my mind often goes blank when I sit down to write and I move on to other things. Before you know it, it's bedtime and the whole thing starts over in the morning.

So I have been writing, just not where anyone can actually read it or comment or anything. Isn't it funny how a hobby like blogging can change the way we view the world or go about our daily lives?

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