Summertime Tips

Summer has hit the half-way mark, but there is still plenty of warm weather left. I plan on enjoying every minute of it! Today, I'd like to share some various tips that come in very handy in the summertime.

1.) Get Rid of Fruit Flies. It's amazing what you can do with common household items. A dish of cider vinegar on the countertop will get rid of fruit flies!

2.)Comfortable Summer Sleeping. Treat yourself to a luxury with something as simple as baby powder or cornstarch. Sprinkle a little on your bed sheets and relish the comfort!

3.) Banish Flies! Fill a zip-top bag (the freezer type work the best) 1/3 to 1/2 way with tap water. Place 3 pennies in the bag. Hang bag near a screen door or every 8 feet or so around a picnic area to keep flies away. I had heard this gets rid of flies before, but never believed it until I went to a picnic and saw it work first-hand. I now have one bag near each of my screen doors and the flies are gone!

4.) Keep your cooler cool without ice packs. This tip is great for those times when you need a completely disposable lunch or if you run out of room for ice packs in your cooler. Freeze part of your lunch! You can freeze all kinds of things that you'd normally take in a lunch and by the time you get to eating/drinking them, they are thawed, but still cold. Freeze grapes, orange slices, almost any kind of berry, bottled water or other drinks and yogurt. You now have a healthy item in your lunch and it helps keep it all chilled to perfection!

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Just Breathe said...

Those are great ideas. I have heard of that penny one but haven't tried it. I recently took my dad on a picnic and I did put items in the freezer before we left.