4th of July Boat Parade

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy from the Portage Lakes Boat Parade. The parade isn't very long, but it grows a little bigger each year. The entrants decorate their boats, mostly pontoon boats, and cruise around the lakes waving and throwing candy just like a regular parade.

There were more boats than this, many with cheerleaders, local political figures and kids throwing candy or squirting water, but these are the highlights.

The Safety Boat- On the back was a huge sign that read: "Caution. Men NOT Working."

The Mystery Machine complete with Scooby Doo and Gang.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory- They played the "Oopma-Loompa" song while 'Willy Wonka' zipped around them on a jet ski. There was also a "chocolate" fountain pouring off the back.

The Fire Boat

The Military Tank-

Under the Sea- I loved the mermaids on the front!

National Parks- This was probably my favorite. Smoky the Bear was on the front, the "wheels" actually turned and on the back was a sign that said: "Go PARKing!" Very cute.

What does your community do to celebrate teh 4th?


Holly said...

Wow, does this ever remind me of good times as a child. Wow. Thank you for posting these pictures. I have often wondered why my brother never takes his kids to the boat parade (he lives in Norton, but when we were little, we were in Portage Lakes).

Glad to hear you had a great Fourth!

Just Breathe said...

Those are so cute, it must have been allot of fun!