Poll: Perfection

We all want things in our lives to go as we plan them. If we didn't, we would never plan anything and just let things happen. When you have an event coming up that is important, though, sometimes we over plan and don't leave room for things to just happen.

Take a wedding for example. It is a huge event that we dream of for years- at least women do- and we have a certain plan for what that day will be like. So many people have every second so meticulously planned out that when something doesn't go according to their plan, they get upset, mad or even explode with rage. Have you ever heard of Bridezillas? To me, they are nothing short of spoiled brats and divas who can't see what babies they are acting like.

So what if the florist can't get the white roses you wanted and has to use carnations in your arrangements? The only people who would possibly point a thing like that out are rude and inconsiderate and should be told so. So what if someone gets drunk and makes a fool of himself? Why let it ruin your good time?

Here's another example: we host my hubby's family nearly every year for Christmas dinner. Everyone makes food and helps out in the kitchen. A few years ago, we had an "incident" just before dinner was ready. The sink backed up and wouldn't drain. If we ran the disposal, all of the water would get pushed into the other side of the sink and flow right back as soon as the disposal was switched off. We had to call the plumber down the street (remember this is Christmas day) in the middle of his dinner to get his drain snake, take everything out from under my kitchen sink and clean out the drain pipe. Dinner was delayed while the drain was cleaned out and all of the cleaning products, rags and vases were put back under the sink. Everything turned out fine and that is the Christmas we always joke about.

My point is that so often, the unexpected moments, even if they seem terrible at the time, are the things that really make the memory... well... memorable.

So my poll for this week is about perfectionists. Do you know someone who goes over-the-top in their quest for everything to be perfect? Click your answer in the right-hand column and come back in a few days to check out the results!

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