School Year Resolutions

Last night as we talked and got our school supplies all loaded in backpacks, Matthew stated that he is going to be more organized this year. I frantically searched for my real son, but soon realized that he hadn't been snatched up by pod people and he was serious.

We decided then and there that we all needed school year resolutions- just like the ones you make for New Year's. We each chose our goal and stated the steps we would take to meet those goals.

Here's an example: Matthew's resolution is to be more organized. The steps he plans to take are: Use study hall time to get rid of papers he no longer needs from his binder, Keep a backup folder for each class in his locker to hold important papers that he might need later, take his time writing and when putting papers into his binder ( can you tell that his binder was an atrocious hodge-podge of paper mess last year?).

My plan for later on today is to get those goals and steps down on paper. I'll make a copy for him to keep in his binder (in a sheet protector) and one for home. We plan to revisit our goals in a month and evaluate whether the steps we're taking are working or not. We'll make adjustments if necessary.

I think this will be a fun tradition for us to begin. You're welcome to join us and let us know if you're making any school year resolutions!

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Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a great plan. I wish you success.