Crazy Busy Week!

I'm so glad this week is under the bridge. It's not that it was particularly bad or anything, just busy. Well, busier than any we've had the whole summer and I guess I just wasn't as prepared for it as I thought I was.

We started school on Monday and for the love of Pete we should NEVER, EVER begin the school year with a full, 5-day week! Who's genius idea was that (and I seriously hope you can detect the sarcasm in that one)??? By Wednesday, the kids and staff are so worn out and bewildered with information overload that we are all zombies come Friday.

Adding to the craziness was Mike's schedule this week. Please understand that I am so not complaining about this. I am very thankful that he has a good job. The fact that they were on overtime this week is nothing short of a blessing, but it meant that he didn't get home until 7:30 each night. It was just one more thing, you know? It makes for lots of phone calls to my sweet nieces to beg one of them to watch the babysitting kids that don't get picked up until 5:30 so we can leave at 5 for practice. This also makes dinner as a family practically non-existent.

I have not been to the grocery store for a full shopping trip in about 3 weeks. I have a freezer and pantry that get me through most of what we need, but after 3 weeks of only sprinting in for a gallon of milk or a package of buns, we started running out of things. I couldn't get away from football practice this week long enough to grocery shop, so the one weeknight off of football was spent shopping... with the boys. Let's just say that they came home from Wally World with Madden 10 and a Momma with a fried brain.

Today was Matthew's first game. He is Quarterback this season and so thrilled to be playing again. He lives and breathes football year-round, so he's in his glory once Fall rolls around. They lost their game, but he had a good time and came away smiling. That's all that matters.

So before I tackle Mount Wash-more that has built up in my laundry room, I'll leave you with a couple of links:

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