Catching Up Again

So much has gone on in the past couple of months since I've been able to post, so I'll try to sum up some of the highlights:

KIDS- The boys had great baseball seasons this year. Steven's Coach's pitch team went undefeated. They all got really nice trophies and an ice cream/pizza party after the last game. They had a lot of fun this year! Matthew's team was the Runner-up for the Eastern Wayne County Major League Division. The Championship game was a tough one with a tough ump who had the world's tiniest strike zone. He called it that way for both teams, but it really frustrated all of the pitchers and made the game drag on forever. Matthew went on to play on two All-Star teams and his 11 and under team won theirs after starting with two losses. It was a great time!

FAMILY- We went fishing in Canada last month and had a week of cool, windy weather. We made the most of it, though and it was nice to get away. We brought home a few fish for the freezer, so all was not lost.

GARDEN- Our first garden is doing well. I will be posting a couple of Garden Project posts soon to catch you up on that. So far we have harvested some lettuce and the rest of it is coming along well- tomatoes coming in, peppers popping out and beans flowering! I also have 5 apples on one of my new apple trees which was unexpected. I rally didn't think we'd have fruit for a couple of years, so this is a nice surprise!

WORK- Work is over for me for the summer... one of the perks of working for the schools. I am enjoying the summer with the kids and have gotten quite a bit done around the house! Always a huge plus!

HOBBIES- I've been crafting, reading and writing. I will say that my writing has slowed to not much more than a crawl without being able to blog. There is no feedback and that is one of the things I love most about blogging.

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TERI MANN said...

Glad your up and running again, thank you for the great pistachio pudding on the 4th! It's such a great dessert to eat when you're full. Hope you're enjoying your summer and time off.Love you!!