Sunday Reflection

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Flowering Pear Tree blossom and buds.


Heather said...

I love the look of flowering pear trees, but they STINK! :o)

Christine said...

Hi Heather,

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Heart2Heart said...


While they may stink, they produce the sweetest fruit that smells simply delicious!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Heather said...

Hi Kat!

Normally, I would agree, but this one is just a flowering pear which is only ornamental. They have a huge tree like this right outside where I work and if the breeze is right, you can't help but breathe it in. It literally takes your breath away and not in a good way. Blah. :o)

I am anxiously waiting to see what my apple trees will do. They are so small, but FULL of blooms! I have to find out what to do if they produce any apples and they are too heavy for the branches. I'd hate to have to thin the apples, but if it will help the tree I'll have to do it, I guess.

skyesofblue said...

You photos are beautiful. Where have you been, is everything okay?