Week's Wrap-Up

WOW! I can't believe how beautiful it was here the last two days!!! We got a taste of summer for certain and that should be juuuust enough to hold us over during the next system of rain and cold (which may be 5 days). Let's hope so!

That's one thing I've noticed about Ohioans, one moment of wonderful can see us through a looooong stretch of not-so-good. Think about it: one great win by an Ohio sports team can last through several losses; one 70 degree day can carry us through weeks of cold, rain, snow and wind and one 'glimmer of hope' on the horizon of the financial world can ease the worry until our 401K plans start to rebound. We're resilient like that. We're resourceful and resilient people who can bounce back and brush the dust off so we can soak up the sun once again and show the world what we're made of.

So we had a good week that started off with a bunch of rain and cold. And believe me it was COLD and damp. I was stiff for 2 days after Steven's rainy practice Monday night. I'm getting old! We made it through all of the running and practicing and working and learning this week to arrive at one heck of a Friday and Saturday.

We took the opportunity during the nice weather to till the garden again, work on the lawn & the landscaping and wake the house up from winter (aka put screens in). My lawn is mowed, my screens are in and I have line-dried sheets to sleep on tonight! Life is good!

I also posted a new post at Make it from Scratch today. Head on over and check it out!

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I have a book that Mike sent me all ready to go! It is called The Shack and it is interesting! I'll be sure to post a review when I finish it.

Tomorrow, I will post my Sunday Reflection post and Monday I will post a video of Matthew's new talent. Let me just say that he gets his coordination from his Dad, because I KNOW he didn't get it from me. LOL!
Hope you all had great weather and a great week where you are!

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Heart2Heart said...


I believe we are amazingly resilent people because we have a faith in God. We have eternal and lasting hope.

Gotta love those sunny days. I will make sure to send some your way. We had 90s over the weekend and through today. Send us some rain in California.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat