Week's Wrap-Up

Busy as ever and still going strong! I can't believe that tomorrow is Easter already! It seems like just days ago we were in the middle of snow and cold... oh wait... that was just days ago. Well, that's Ohio for you. You get a day or two of Spring when Mother Nature pulls the rug out and BAM! Back to winter we go.

So my sewing machine is taunting me and mocking me as I try to finish up some Easter stuff and make something for my new little nephew that is on his way. I can't figure out what is wrong and it's driving me crazy!!!

Unable to post my weekly craft post at Make It From Scratch, I resorted to posting a new recipe for a simple Homemade Chicken Pot Pie. This recipe will take just a few minutes to whip up and it doesn't have all of the preservatives and sodium the store-bought versions have.

I also recently signed up for Facebook and am having a blast taking quizzes and keeping up with friends that I rarely or never see. My badge is in the right-hand column if you'd like to 'friend request' me.

Matthew started baseball practices last week and Steven will start this week. Just in time for that, I posted a list of Sport Parent Car Essentials. Also check out my posts on Keeping Up and Stain Removal Tips- just a couple of other things that might come in handy if you're in the same boat as me.

I hope everyone has a blessed, peaceful and fun Easter!!!

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