Week's Wrap-Up

Spring Break is winding down. We've had plenty of stuff to keep us busy this week including our new garden. Things are going well. Here are some other things we did:

I am hosting another giveaway for you! Be sure to leave a comment on the post, Fiber One Yogurt Prize Pack Giveaway by midnight Sunday (That's tomorrow night!)!

I finally signed up for Facebook. About time, I am told.

We made Beaded Eggs that I give instructions for in my weekly craft post at Make It From Scratch. Feel free to "Oooh and Aaah".

Matthew got a new bike! I'm sure it won't be long till he attaches a trailer and offers moving services to the neighbors.

I detailed digging a garden. We're nearly up and running!!! I can't wait!



Matthew starts baseball practice and we are back to school. can I just say that I'm glad we will have a short week? I love the routine of school and work days, but a full week after a long break is almost too long for kids who have been able to sleep in for 9 days straight.

I may also bring back my Thrifty Thursday posts. I have had a couple of requests for them. What do you think? I don't get a lot of feedback on them, so let me know if you like them or not.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

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