New Bike News

The latest and greatest news in our eleven-year-old boy's world is his new set of wheels!

We sold his old 20 inch bike on craigslist last weekend and we've been on the hunt for a bigger bike ever since. The hunt ended successfully last night with this beauty and he even had cash to spare. He paired the money from selling his old bike with 4 gift cards he had from his birthday and had $13 left over for the bank. I think he did pretty good!


Anonymous said...

Nice bike Matthew!Looks about my size!Grandma Sis

TERI MANN said...

Gosh Matthew is getting so tall, it makes me sad that the kids are growing so quickly, I've been feeling melancholy lately, and i realized that i was missing the kids because i'm not around them like i used to be so i took off yesterday & had Trace's camaro and went and picked Brayden up and met Audrey at the park and got my fix. Also enjoyed brayden laughing when i told him to come outside so we could take the sunroof off the car, then he was so amazed when it did come off, he wanted to go for a ride, and told uncle Jason it went really fast and the roof came off. I love that i have a life again, but need to make an effort to see more of my family before these kids grow up and don't want to do things with the old folks anymore. I do get satisfaction that all my great neices and nephews have such good parents and are taken care of very well. i am so proud of my family (well most of them ha!ha!!!