My Six-year-old Gangsta

Steven, my dramatic and totally-not-like-me-in-anyway-shape-or-form (ahem) six-year-old son, has an obsession of late. No, it isn't Pit Hair and it isn't Star Wars-I fear that obsession will never die. He thinks it's funny to end every conversation by pointing his fingers at us and calling us, "playa".

Now, we live in a small rural town that is basically white, retired couples and young families. I'm not naive to the influence of TV and video games, but WHAT??? Where did this come from? I mean, it is really, really funny and he certainly knows how to get a laugh anyways.

So I dropped him off to school yesterday morning and before he shut the door, he turned to speak. Rather than the usual, "Love you, Mom." I got, "I'm out, Dawg!"

Maybe it's too much American Idol because suddenly he's talking like Randy Jackson???

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Anonymous said...

LOL see what happens when you stop taking that boy to the sitters!?


Kokopelli said...

That's hilarious. Can't wait to hear what happens when he calls Dad "Dude". *laughing*

Heart2Heart said...

I think society is changing how our kids view the world. They see it as interesting forms of communication but we see it, like you said, "Where did you get that from?"

I guess one positive aspect of it is that at least the language is clean, it could always be worse!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

skyesofblue said...

Six... How cute was that?