Pit Hair

It isn't a new grunge-rock musical. It is the subject of Steven's latest obsession. Actually, he's obsessed with when he will be a man. The kid is six years old, mind you. He wants us to, "...tape a paper to the wall so we can make a mark and when I grow past that mark, then I'll be a man."

If only it were that easy!

A few days ago, Steven came to me...

S: Mom, do I have any hair on my chest?

Me: Yep.

S: Well, how come you can't see it?

Me: All humans have hair all over their bodies, but it is usually too light to see unless you're up close. When you get older, it will get darker and thicker.

The next day, he walked down the hallway with his hand behind his head, craning his neck to look under his arm...

S: Dad! It finally happened! I got my first pit hair!

Mike: (Trying not to laugh) Wow! Look at that! You sure did!

S: Yeah. I bet there'll be more tomorrow, too!

By the next day, according to Steven anyway, he had a total of ten pit hairs under his left arm and one under his right arm. ***Sigh*** they grow up so fast. LOL!


Ea said...

That Steven what a stinker.Brayden told me the other day he was really getting alot of hair on his legs. He made me feel it I think I totallly beat him in that category since I can barely bend over to shave them.

AudreyO said...

It's so funny how they want all the things that adults wish they didn't have LOL. Little girls can't wait to shave their legs for the first time. Adult women wish they never had to shave again. It's so funny.

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