Itching to Spring Clean?

We topped out at a whopping 36 degrees here today. While many of you may think I'm crazy to think that's warm, compared to the 20's and below that we've had FOREVER, it was a heat wave.

And BONUS! We're supposed to hit near 50 for the next 5 days!!!

I'm just abut to get the tank tops out!

Maybe I won't go that far, but I must be itching to do a little spring cleaning because last night, I went shopping and bought 2 new clothes baskets (2-bushel, people!!!) and a badly-needed new hamper (with a pull-up handle and wheels!!!) for the boys' bathroom. The other hamper is literally falling apart as is one of my old clothes baskets.

While laundry was on my mind, I also picked up 2 packages of hangers. I'm embarrassed to say that Matthew (who is 11) has a closet full of clothes that are falling off the toddler-sized hangers still in there.

I mentioned that I was going to take the old hamper to the recycling place, but Mike suggested that we first fill it with old toys to get rid of, too. What a great idea!!! That sparked me to think about getting rid of more things like clothes and little things we don't love or use anymore. I am always thinking about that, but it is hard to do when you are running to this practice or that game nearly every night of the week.


With basketball coming to an end this weekend for both of the boys and about 3 to 4 weeks until baseball starts, I am making a little list of things I want to do during that time. I also pulled out a put-it-together-yourself-and-then-take-it-apart-and-put-it-together-the-right-way-using-the-directions set of drawers that has been aging in Steven's room for approximately 3 years now. It brought back such memories of when we put together their tv stands. I wiped the dust off and the box looked like new!

I will finish putting the drawers together tonight and stack them with the other set of drawers that I actually put together when I bought them. I'm not sure what we will put in the drawers, but I am leaning heavily toward Star Wars Guys. There is an entire army of them taking over his room as I type. I truly hope my cleaning desire and energy hold out till it's all done!!!


Mandy said...

Brandon wanted to waer a sleeveless shirt to school today! and yes we still have the boys clothes on some toddler hangers too! It takes a while to make the transition!

Cher said...

Haven't visited for a while. Nice pic! Your blog is loading a lot faster now.

AudreyO said...

I love to spring clean. My kids run to hide their things when they see me coming with my spring cleaning attitude :)