Here Comes the Wave

We've had a week of sick kids and adults in our house. Last weekend was incredibly busy with Matthew's birthday parties and the boys' games and we must have been a little run-down.

Steven was really grumpy Tuesday morning and by the time I walked into the office at work, he was sitting there with watery eyes, a sore throat and a fever. Usually, he's the last one to get it, but since then, we've been dropping like flies. Now, instead of going to basketball practices, we've spent the week lying around passing the Kleenex and cough drops. I'm tired of watching commercials for the Snuggie and life insurance rates.

If this is like every other year, the chain-reaction has begun. Once someone gets sick in this house, we are all but guaranteed to have rounds and rounds of other illnesses. Those immune systems get weakened and the germs attack! I'm just hoping the stomach flu stays far away. Yuck!

Steven is better, but Matthew, Mike and I are still fighting it. I don't think any of us has slept a full night since Tuesday. I am so thankful for a weekend to rest up. Oh, and for that BIG bottle of ibuprofen I bought right before Christmas. :o)

I do have several things lined up in the blogosphere like a giveaway coming up later today right here and my weekly craft post at Make It From Scratch will be up shortly. Make sure you stop back and check them out!

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Stephanie said...

Oh no! Sorry you've been sick! Hope you all have a speedy recovery and that this is the end of it!