Things I Need to Mention

The A$$-chapping cold outside must have hit me with a bout of brain-freeze because I totally forgot:

~ To post HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear, sweet hubby, Mike. We celebrated his 'ah-hem'-third birthday on Thursday with a little cake. We skipped the ice cream due to the weather. BRRR! Over the years, he's gotten pretty good at convincing the kids 'cause Steven thinks he's 23. I think he was just trying to avoid the other 20 birthday spankings myself. :o) Seems like just yesterday that we were sending out our wedding invitations and this year will be our 12th anniversary!

~ To post HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear, sweet Grandma Norma. Okay, she doesn't have internet access (that any of us know of anyways wink), but since so many in her family blog and read blogs, I thought it would be nice to acknowledge it.

Now on to the other things I wanted to mention.

~ I posted my weekly craft post at Make It From Scratch. Check out our Modeling Compound Magnets! They're so nice for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or a bit of teacher appreciation!

~ Speaking of MIFS, we have a new weekly contributor to welcome. Kellie is a green-living super-crafter who is going to post some awesome things! Welcome her with a visit and a comment!

I think that catches me up for now. I've got to get back to watching the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction. This stuff is addicting! I knew it was bad when they announced an extra 30 minutes of their live broadcast last night (at midnight) and I got EXCITED! All night, I dreamed of red Mustangs, black Corvettes and blue Camaros! My Dad would be so proud!


Anonymous said...
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Mandy said...

Happy belated Birthday Mike!