Nifty Thrifty Thursday: Job Search Help

Sometimes being thrifty can only get you so far. You can barter, make it from scratch, cut back expenses, pay with cash, clip coupons and shop at thrift stores all you want, but if your income suddenly gets cut or has been cut for a while, those things may not quite make ends meet. Whether you've recently lost a job or have been out of the workforce for a while, you've found yourself on the hunt for a job again.

With unemployment and jobless rates at 60-year lows, employers have a deep pool of potential hire-es to choose from. You really need to make yourself stand out in the crowd. Here are some helpful hints, tips and links to make your job search a fruitful one.


~List all of your resources. Write down friends, family and work contacts that can be a reference for you. Then, list places that you could work- even if they aren't the ideal place. Right now, you just need something to pay the bills. Don't limit yourself.

~Get over the, "I'm too good for this job attitude." You might actually learn a lot about yourself and a new field if you are willing to put aside your preconceived notions. An entry-level position at a small restaurant might not pay as much as your old job, but it could be much less stressful.

~Do something in the field that you want to work in even if it isn't the exact job you wanted. You may find you have a new passion in this area and part time work can leave you time to take classes to improve skills for your desired position.

~Be willing to work your way up the ladder. People nowadays want it all right now. We want instant gratification and don't want to have to pay our dues. Starting at the bottom can often teach you valuable lessons and well as give you a better perspective and hands-on experiences that books can't teach you.

RESUME 9-1-1

You want to have a resume that stands out from the rest. Let me re-phrase that: You NEED a resume that stands out from the rest. Do not lie on your resume, but use your cover letter and a special talents area on your resume to highlight your skills that weren't earned through a job or class. Have you done missionary work? Do you volunteer? Do you have extensive travel experience? Can you juggle chainsaws? These are often things the interviewer can relate to or that will make you stand out in their mind.

Now that your resume content stands out, make sure that it isn't annoying. Steer clear of bright colored paper or inks and fancy fonts. These can make the resume harder to read and are a distraction to your information. Keep the entire resume to two pages- short, sweet and to the point. The person reading your resume probably has 100 to read through each day. They don't want to dig for information and will toss long resumes right out.

The very best way to know if your resume is a good one is to have people look at it. Ask for opinions from friends and family. They might also think of something you left out.


Yana Parker at DamnGood.com has some excellent resume tips!

Learn more about writing a resume at Sample-Resume.org.

That's all for this week's edition of Nifty Thrifty Thursday. Now get out there and apply for that job!



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Mandy said...

I heard on the news the other day that the newest things are "video resumes"! I think that would just make it easier for an employer to discriminate right off the bat!

Stephanie said...

Is this post for me? :)
I just realized the other day that I've not worked outside the house for over 7 years! I quit right before Lydia was born. It really doesn't seem that long ago.