My Walk in the Woods

Recently I took a walk in the woods with my camera. Just as a side note, it was around 18 degrees and we've had a long stretch of cold weather, so the animals have been hunkered down more than usual. Here's what I found:

A whitetail deer must have found something under the snow here. He dug in a couple of places, probably for acorns.

Near the deer tracks is a spot heavily traveled by a rabbit or two. If Bear Grylls were dropped in my back yard, he'd set up a snare trap somewhere in here for sure!

Here are some more deer tracks that criss-cross around an open area. Man! Trudging through this snow has got to be one of the best diet pills there is!

Further exploration finds a very heavily traveled deer trail. Kinda like the whitetail Route 66 I like to think. There must be a "World's Largest Ball of Mud" around here somewhere...

Not far from there you can see where a squirrel hot-footed it up this tree.

Here is a close-up of one of the deer tracks. This print was about as big as the palm of my hand. Mike says its a buck from the way the two halves of the hoof aren't touching. Its improtant to know that kind of stuff if you're going to deer hunt, I guess. He's like McGuyver the Mountain Man. I'm one lucky girl!

And here's a huge tree that got uprooted one year. The whole base of this thing stands about 8 feet tall.

Just to the left of the area above is what I like to think of as the "deer disco". It's the place to be for all the young bucks and does. Look at all of those tracks! Mike says there are apples under the snow, so maybe it's more like the delicatessan than the disco.
Hope you enjoyed a little look at part of my world!

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