Must Be the Weather

Today, a huge snowstorm came marching across Northeast Ohio and dumped a few inches of snow on us. When all is said and done, we are supposed to have about 10 inches of fluffy white snow.

We knew this storm was coming. Not necessarily from the weatherman, but from the kids at school. Kids are like barometers. Anytime a storm is on the way or school is about to be let out for an extended time, they quite literally bounce off the walls (keep reading). The last couple of days, they have been especially loud and boisterous. One staff member who hadn't seen the weather reports even asked, "Is there a storm coming in or something?"

The entire day today was crazy everyplace I went. It started as soon as I left the house with the radio station I like to listen to having trouble. Then, I got behind some slow movers who decided to take 10 minutes to make a turn into the gas station. The secretary at one of the offices was out and the payroll lady informed me that due to a miscommunication, my paycheck was wrong. and she'd fix it with the next pay. Something was odd or out of the ordinary everywhere.

I was relieved when I picked Steven up from his Grandma's and she told me she'd made a ton of chili for supper for all of us. No cooking! YES! After all week in the kitchen at work, I really appreciated that one. I thought everything had finally calmed down since the snow had already started to fly and I headed home to hunker down and get some extra housework done since I didn't have to cook.

Then, Mandy called and asked me to look up her insurance company's phone number. I knew something was wrong. She was pretty calm- if you know Mandy, you'd know that everything was basically okay- so I asked what happened as I looked up the number. Her husband had been in an accident with an Amish buggy. The horse and the truck didn't make it, but thank God the people were all fine. She has pictures (fair warning: the one at the bottom is of the dead horse) and a description at her blog, Controlled Chaos.

After all of that, the quiet weekend could commence. We headed to Mike's parents' house for supper. After supper, the boys were playing in the basement and whilst performing some of his (cough, cough) "karate moves", Steven ran forehead-first into a pole. I've always said he was hard-headed and this proves I'm right. Not a bump, not a tear! Did I mention they are literally bouncing off the walls?

I don't know which I'd like more right now, a cold beer or my warm bed! :o)

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