One Down, Three to Go!

It finally happened! Steven had 4 loose teeth in the front and one of them finally came out last night! Of course, the poor kid has had to deal with everyone teasing him about wanting his two front teeth for Christmas, but he was a sport about it. Sadly, my baby isn't so much of a baby anymore.

We've been working and working at getting one of those little boogers out, but they are entirely too tiny for anyone to get a hold of. We remind him to wiggle them and pull on them all the time. It finally came out when he was licking a suction cup on one of those little dart guns that he got for Christmas. He caught his tooth on the suction cup and out it came. I guess we just had to find the right tool. :o)

Tim and Stephanie stopped by this morning and much to my surprise, Stephanie had a lovely gift for me for helping with Make It from Scratch. I was so excited to find homemade Apple Pie in a Jar and Blackberry Jam along with some chocolate covered pretzels and a cool cookbook tucked neatly inside an adorable fur-trimmed rattan tote! I LOVE IT! Steven promptly got into the pretzels and I dove into the cookbook. There are some really great recipes from state and county fairs around the USA and the book features many vintage fair posters, too. Too cute! Thank you, Stephanie!

That reminds me, if you're looking for a New Year's craft to do with the kids, visit my latest craft post at Make It From Sratch.

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Mandy said...

Ea must have told Brayden that Steven lost his tooth. Brayden came in this morning and told Mom that his teeth were falling out by themselves!lol