No "Ta-Da" for Me, I Guess.

Here it is, Monday night- the last night of a 5-day weekend. I was hoping to turn most of my "to do" list into a "ta-da" list, but that just didn't happen. I think I'm still half drunk on turkey. All I've managed to do is get some Christmas stuff up in the house, the lights outside and some very minor cleaning.

I got what I thought was going to be our first Christmas card of the year today, but instead it ended up being an invitation to a retirement party for Mike's Aunt. I have to say that I was slightly upset by this. Don't get me wrong, I love Mike's Aunt and I wouldn't begrudge her a nice retirement party for anything. I know she didn't plan the party, so I'm not mad at her. I just don't understand why on earth her kids would decide to throw the party like that right in the middle of December. I mean, there is already enough going on this month for everyone- holiday parties, kids school concerts, shopping to do. Why not wait until things wind down and have it in January?

As for our family, every weekend in December is now filled with something and this party is smack in the middle of the day. Their family has some THING with doing "brunch". I don't know if it makes them feel more high-brow or what, but it throws a wrench in my schedule for sure. I hate to start something and have to interrupt it to go somewhere and by the time you get home from it and changed, there isn't enough time to get anything accomplished.

Yep! My week is off to a fine and dandy rip-roaring start, alright.

Otherwise, all is well here. I actually got a lot of my Christmas stuff done this weekend including putting up the tree. This is the earliest we've ever had our tree up. We always get a fresh-cut tree and it smells so good! It is also one of the prettiest trees we've ever had. We got some of the new LED lights to put on it and they are gorgeous! The boys helped put the ornaments on Saturday and they did a great job.

My house is in major need of some deep cleaning and that's what I had hoped to get done over the last few days. It would be so nice to just have to maintain up until Christmas, but that is not how it usually goes anyways.

So how was your time off? Did anyone get any good Black Friday deals? Did you get your "to do" list done?


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