Hurry Christmas, Hurry Fast. On Second Thought...

My week has flown by with little to show for it. All of my spare time and energy is going into Christmas cards, making gifts, Christmas shopping and running kids to and from basketball practices.

Every minute of every day I am dreaming of new posts I'd love to put up, but none of them have happened. I haven't even jotted any of them down.

The schools are super busy with pre-holiday events and kids who are like a holiday barometer. The closer it gets to their break, the crazier they get. They are all so excited and its been too cold or too rainy for them to go out to recess most days. They have no chance to burn all of that energy off.

I'm glad that I'm young and easy-going enough to not let it get to me. After all, a few of those kids get on and off the bus here and I would be really nuts to let a little extra energy and noise bother me.

Don't misunderstand, I am very ready for a couple of weeks off to enjoy the holidays, but there will be other kids here during that time, too. We'll be playing games and making crafts and aside from the weather, it will be much like summer. My days will be no less crazy. The noise level will still be sky high. :o)

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