I am SO Late in Doing This!

I'm on a roll! I'm taking part of this weekend to get my Christmas planner ready. I have put it off too long and now I am behind.
You know I've already started shopping- stocking stuffers, sports gifts (which are cheaper during the season), interesting items I find and cute gifts for unexpected guests. Now I need a place to list everything I've bought, where it is and who it is for. I will also include things like clothing sizes for the whole family, foods I usually make for holiday gatherings and a grocery list for those things, gifts I plan to make from scratch, gifts for teachers and service providers and cleaning or household tasks I need to complete before Christmas.
One year, I bought one of those fat little notebooks for this. It was small enough to fit in my purse, but had plenty of pages. Whenever I created a list in it for that year, I made a duplicate blank list in the back and I automatically had my planner ready to fill in for the next year. That was the way to go. There may still be pages in it that I can use and not have to buy a new book for this year!
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