Football and Basketball in the Same Weekend- Must Be November!

We've had a busy week here as usual. It started with basketball practice last Sunday and finished with the football banquet tonight. Friday was particularly crazy since our dishwasher broke down and the head cook and I had to wash and sanitize every tray, fork and spoon by hand. I can certainly skip the diet pills after all that extra exertion!

We had some nice weather up until today when it started raining, the temp dropped and it changed over to snow. That last bit of nice weather always gets me motivated to finish up the winter preparations around the house like taking out screens and trimming shrubs. The only problem is that I rarely actually get those things done while its still nice out. Here it is 31 degrees and snowing and my screens are still in. Oh well.

Today I did finally get started on my Christmas cards, though. I make hand-stamped cards every year for Christmas and I try to make as many as I can for birthdays, too. I would love to show them here, but I don't want to give them away before I actually get them done and sent out. Let me just say that they are so cute this year!

Looking back, I did get quite a bit accomplished today. I made no-bake cookies for Matthew's banquet. They didn't set up very well ( I think I boiled them too long), so they are in the fridge setting up and we took doughnuts to the banquet. I also posted my weekly craft post over at Make It From Scratch and scheduled a few Sunday Reflection posts to get ahead of the game. Speaking of Make It From Scratch, check out this week's MIFS carnival at The Daily Dish!

Tomorrow the running continues with basketball scrimmages (yep, that's plural) and a birthday party. I am seriously thinking about scheduling a cookie dough day for next weekend so no one will set up anything else for us to do. I will do nothing but make cookie dough for my holiday cookies since our December is already filling up. All I will have to do is take dough out of the freezer and bake! Does anyone else do this?

Hope your weekend is fun and relaxing!

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Stephanie said...

Lastweek ws crazy busy here too, and it has carried over to the weekend. In fact it will continue until Wed. I'm ot getting anywhere on thanksgiving prep let alone Christmas!