Saturday Happenin's

Today has been a busy day at our house. Matthew spent the night at a friend's house last night, so I had to pick him up this morning, I had a bunch of laundry to get to, the game took a good chunk out of the day (try 5 hours) and we have some errands to run tonight plus getting my weekly post up at the Make It From Scratch site (you can check out the latest edition of the carnival here). I am officially pooped!

Further proof of why I need to get myself a Sony Vaio or some other laptop so I can keep up with my blogging while I'm sitting around for 2 hours before a game. I did use the time to make a few calls, though, so all was not lost.


Matthew's team lost their game. It was a really good game, too. I'm sad for them. I really wanted to see them go all the way. They had a tough season and winning the playoffs would have been a little redemption for them. I guess now its on to basketball which, incidentally, starts tomorrow. :o)

Now on to the subject of work.

The head cook is coming back Monday, so I am back to my regular job. I am glad the head cook will be back. I really miss her in the kitchen, but I REEEEEEEEALLY LOVED doing her job! I will miss that part of it. I am so blessed to be working in the same school that Steven goes to. I love hearing him holler, "Hi, Mom!" as he passes the kitchen to go to gym or library. I love peeking in his class as I pass by. He usually doesn't see me, but it is interesting to see what they are up to- kind of the 'fly on the wall' perspective.

I know the head cook is nervous about coming back. While she was gone, the entire district switched to doing computerized lunch counts and it takes some getting used to. It actually takes us longer to figure out what our count is at the moment, but I am hoping that some changes will be made and it will get easier. She has been there for years and is used to doing it manually, so the new system is a big step to take.

Well, enough chitter chatter. I have a million things to get to. Have a great weekend!

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