Steven-ism #14

I told you he is getting big. Now he's trying to pick up chicks and I don't mean the little yellow ones. He'll be taking girls on Vegas vacations before we know it!

The first day of school, Steven told us about a girl that he made friends with. He couldn't remember her name, so we kept asking questions to see if we could figure out who it was. By the next day, we thought that it was the little girl who goes to the babysitter across the street. I was quickly informed that that was the girl who hit him in the head with her lunch bag.

So much for that one.

Then Steven informed me that when he walked on the bus, he would do his turkey call sound and whichever one smiled is the one and I then I could see who it was. Trying not to bust out laughing, I asked to hear his turkey call. He put his hands over his mouth and made the high-pitched sound of a hen's cluck, "er, er, er, er, er."

I replied, "Wow! That's a pretty good turkey call sound. She liked it when you did that, huh?"

"Yep. It made her smile like this (huge cheesy grin)."

Even though he isn't a turkey hunter, I think Mike was secretly proud of his boy's new pick-up line. He was telling people about it all evening including a neighbor who is a turkey hunter and commended Mike on training him right. Everyone got such a kick out of it and Steven would proudly demonstrate his very popular new girl-getter per request.

The next day at work, I learned that Steven was playing with a girl who fit the description he had given us. We'll call her Barbie. I asked him when he got home if Barbie was the girl who liked his turkey call and he told me she was. Mystery solved and the funniest thing is that Barbie is the granddaughter of the neighbor who liked his pick-up line!


A Dusty Frame said...

That is REALLY cute:)!

Cher said...

Dontcha just love it!