Its Neverending, and I'm Not Talkin' About a Cute Adventure Story.

I can't believe I didn't post all last week! Its not like I was sick or overrun with a head-to-toe case of acne or anything. I just wasn't on the computer much.

I have been so busy since I took over for the head cook at school. I usually have two hours after Steven gets on the bus before I have to leave the house, but now that is down to about 90 minutes. You would think that is plenty of time to get something posted, but No. I have been using that time to do wild and crazy things like clean and do laundry and run errands. And let me tell you, when you live in a rural area it takes a minimum of 15 minutes to get anywhere that you need to run errands and another 15 to get back. By the time you take out the 30 minutes for driving, another 5 minutes to find a parking space and 10 minutes to check out anywhere, you've got a whole 45 minutes to get your shopping or whatever done.

And that's only if you don't run into any snags. Throw in a couple of 100+ year-old drivers and people you know who want to chit chat at the store and you can kiss your morning goodbye. You can forget about stopping at home to drop anything off as well. Friday, I bought a gallon of milk and put it in the fridge at work only to forget it and have to go after it later that night.

Luckily, Matthew's football practices will be shorter starting today. They shorten them by 30 minutes due to it getting dark earlier. That will be somewhat of a help. He has really surprised me, even though two of his classes are enrichment classes, by keeping his grades to all A's and one B+ through all of this football season. He's doing a great job!

Steven is excited that I have signed them both up for Upward Basketball. Steven is finally old enough to play. The practices for that are only one hour, one night a week with games on Saturday. It is a nice program and a great way to keep kids active during the winter months. Their season will run from December through the end of February, so we'll actually have 6 weeks between sports this fall!

Since I haven't had time to blog much, I also haven't had much time to read. I've been here and there, but I haven't taken the time to comment. What have you all been up to? I promise to do better this week. I have so many exciting posts to come! Stay tuned!


Stephanie said...

I was wondering where you've been! Glad everything is ok.

Michelle said...

I started getting emails from everyone asking what was up. I hadnt blogged in 3 weeks. Time just goes and we were all getting adjusted to our new schedules after such a great summer! Hopefully things will be the same as always soon!