Housework and Homework

I'm a little late getting going today. The long weekend went way too fast.

We spent the better part of the weekend doing things around the house that REALLY needed done. Mike mowed and trimmed and edged while I cleaned the carpet in the living room, hallway and our room. Since we had moved the dining room table and chairs over to make room for the living room furniture, I did the floor in there and in the kitchen after the couches were back where they belong.

Mike and his dad also leveled the gravel in the driveway and Mike put new sand in our brick patio. Then, we sanded the posts on the porch and primered them. I put another coat on them today and I plan to paint them tomorrow.

WHEW! Lots of maintenance to get to before Fall and Winter creep in!

On the down side, seasonal allergies are attacking us all! Is anyone else having this problem? I don't usually have this bad of a problem until late September (did you just start singing Maggie May like I did?), but it is in full swing right now. My head is stuffy, my nose is runny, I can't stop sneezing and my throat is itchy and raw. Gotta love Ohio and the beyond dry weather we've had.

On top of taking allergy meds, I've had a major breakout on my chin and I've had to use acne products for the last three nights. That is now calming down now thank goodness!

Matthew and Steven are having a great start to their school year. Matthew is in Enrichment Math and Reading this year and he's finding out that Math isn't always easy. It has come so easily to him in the past, but now he is being challenged and that gets him frustrated at times. Especially at the end of a long school day when he has to get his homework done before football practice.

Steven is sailing through Kindergarten. He likes his teacher and has really impressed me with his adjustment. He's such an easy-going kid. He loves to report who gets in trouble at school- just like his brother always liked to do. I take full advantage of those moments as a "what not to do" lesson. wink

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