Things Were Going All Too Smoothly...

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you feel like your life has been unusually quiet and God notices and He is sitting with His friends saying, "Hey, watch this...ZAP"? While I know that's not how The Big Guy (or Gal if you prefer) works, that's how my week has been.

I've got a couple of posts in the works for the next few days, but I'll be updating via twitter (see the pink section in my sidebar or follow me) as well. I think getting out of the house for a day or two will actually do me some good. I know it isn't for a joyful occasion by any means, but sometimes just a break from the usual is just the ticket for clearing your head.

I won't go into the details of anything (okay maybe a few), but Matthew's football began and I had no idea because someone didn't update their website or post it in the paper. They need a blog! A few emails, phone calls and some driving and he's taken care of.

We also haven't bought one school supply. I have the best of intentions, but my goal this summer was to stay out of the stores as much as humanly possible and I've accomplished that goal. School supplies have been the casualty in this case and now I'm going to be scrambling. sigh

My Step-Grandma passed away on Monday night. She lived 4 hours away, so calling hours and the funeral will require packing and out-of-town travel.

Let me just say right here that I am ever so thankful that Matthew can write and spell. I finally have the secretery that I have always wanted. He wrote things down while I drove him to get his uniform last night. That's always the time that I think of things I need to do.

I must point out at this point that there is a HUGE difference between a kid who can write and one who can write and spell. Steven, bless his heart, wanted to write things down for me, too. He can write letters as long as you tell him which ones to write down, but you never know what order those letters will be in when you get a chance to look at the list. :o)

We've been through the first conditioning for football and they worked those kids! I was glad to see there are several kids from our neighborhood playing. Can you say CARPOOL!!! Whoo hoo!

The evening ended with hair cuts for all my guys. They're about 2 weeks past due for them and because of the funeral, Matthew won't be getting that mohawk I was going to let him have for the first week of football. C'est la vie!

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kailani said...

Isn't it great when the kids can help out? Girlie Girl will draw pictures of the things I need to get at the store. :-)