"Takin' on the Jellies!"

Anyone know what movie that line is from?

The boys and I had so much fun when we went to the zoo this summer! I haven't been to a zoo in years, so I jumped at the chance to make the trip with our parks & rec program. You can't beat the group rate and no driving! One of the kids I babysit went with us, too.

They had a great jellyfish exhibit that we spent a lot of time in. You really got to see them up close and watching them was so relaxing! Don't ask me what kind of jellyfish they are or anything like that. I had three kids running to different tanks amid four thousand other kids running to different tanks. It was like having the kids from 'the old woman in the shoe' all hopped up on sugar and adrenaline.
Also, sorry for the blurry ones. Some of these little boogers move FAST!
This one is my favorite:

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