Mama Meeds a New Laptop!

Today I told the boys that we need to come up with our new daily routine and rules soon. School is starting in a couple of weeks and we all need to be on the same page. Here's some of the things we'll consider:

~Computer time. The boys will be allowed one hour per day aside from homework time.

~Morning rules. These will most likely include 'No computer, or video games before school. Period' and 'No playing until you are dressed to shoes.'

~After school routine. This will change as seasons and activities change. At first, it will go something like: snack, homework, play, eat, get dressed for practice.

~Bedtime routine/rules. This will include a snack, showers, getting ready for the next day and clean-up time.

Even though I anticipate it, I am always amazed at how messy the house can get even when we aren't home much. All of us will be in and out at different times and everything seems to get tossed willy-nilly and a big mess results. I know the adjustment is going to put a damper on my blogging habits.

Besides getting the kids ready for school, working and housework, I also babysit. Then, we'll be out at football practice for 2 hours, come home, clean up, get ready for bed and I'll be too exhausted to blog or read.


I just want a little one that has Word on it so I can type up a post and transfer it to my PC later on. Is that too much to ask?

I've tried writing posts out by hand, but a computer is so much easier to edit on as I write. I can delete an entire paragraph in one click or I can drag and drop sentences as needed. My brain often works in reverse and as I write, I am constantly rethinking what I have already written. It is very common for me to rephrase things several times while I'm still finishing the post.

So if there are any super generous computer or PR companies out there looking for someone to do a product review for a laptop or notebook (Dell, Sony, HP, anyone???) I am your man! I mean woman! I mean Blogger! I am totally unbiased since I don't have one (yet). ;o)

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