Home Again

We're home again.

It has been a long weekend and I am tired.

My Step Grandma passed away Monday after a long battle with Alzheimers. She had stopped eating and drinking last week. I'll post more on the entire thing later on, but right now, I just want to stop thinking.

I just want to be and do some everyday things. I process my thoughts much better when I am doing mindless chores. When I am sad or angry or pensive, I clean. That's what I need to do right now.

I am so glad Mike was able to get off of work to go down for the weekend and we were able to stay for the funeral service on Saturday. All of the packing, traveling sleeping in strange beds, eating fast food, going through the services- it all takes so much out of you. I can only imagine how tired my Stepdad and his brother are.

I will be posting about our hotel tomorrow. I felt like we stayed in the twilight zone or something. Do-do-do-do! LOL!

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Margaret said...

Hugs to you all for your loss.