Nifty Thrifty Thursday: Christmas In July Part 2

Nifty Thrifty Thursday Welcome to Nifty Thrifty Thursday: Christmas In July Part 2. Click here for Part 1. If you have any questions or requests, leave me a comment below!

Let's imagine for a minute (:::cue dreamy dissolve effect:::)... So you're planning for Christmas. You've got your budget all made out, your gift list is ready to be filled, you've got wrapping paper and homemade gift bags begging for something to cover. You grab your purse and (---cue needle scratching album sound---)!!!

WHAT?!?!? Your wallet is empty?!?!?!?

Let me assure you that it is okay. Its only July and you have plenty of time to prevent the above situation. Let's get saving!

As I mentioned last week, you can put away a little money each week for the next 22 weeks, Even $5 or $10 a week will help! Do you hear me? Put that money away in an envelope or escrow account or start buying gift cards and gifts. Have any of you begun doing this? I know there will be times when you absolutely can't, but don't let the fear of that keep you from doing it at all. Just think, if you got to Thanksgiving Day and found $30, you'd be so happy!! You can do it!!!

So now you need some way to make a little extra holiday cash. I say cash because you don't want to just be putting it all on a credit card. Earning extra money requires hard work and discipline.

This is number 1!! Most of us have had to tighten our belts because of the current economy, but I'd wager there are still a couple of notches on that belt that can be reached. Use the money that you save to put towards Christmas.

-Use coupons. 56% of consumers don't use them and there are plenty out there.
-Remove extras from your phone or cable service.
-Switch from a contract cell phone to prepaid if you don't use your mobile as your main phone. The cancellation fee will probably be less than what the rest of the bills in your contract will cost you. Check into whether you can port your number to the new phone.
-Plant some Fall veggies and herbs!
-Make your own cleaning supplies. Try laundry detergent, All-purpose cleaner or Daily Shower Cleaner Spray to start with. Most things will come clean with a damp cloth and some elbow grease.
-Only drink water between meals. Its healthier, too!
-Unplug "vampire" electronics. Phone and game chargers, toasters and TV's all continue to use electricity when not in use. Even power strips switched to off still use electricity. Make a habit of unplugging them!

-Use coupons and put away the amount you saved each trip.
-Have a yard sale. Better yet, have a yard sale with family or friends!
-Sell on eBay or Etsy.
-Blog/Write for money. I have a few links below for this.
-Roll those coins! Every little bit helps.
-Cash4Books.net will buy books and pay for shipping. They use paypal and you could print off their "buying now" list and find some of them at thrift shops or yard sales.

-Offer a service:
*Holiday Decorator
*Personal Shopper
*Dog Walking
*Babysitting for shoppers (you set the days/hours and advertise)
*Make holiday cards or gift tags
*Scrapbook for people
*Gift wrapping
*Assemble gift baskets
*Assemble recipes in jars

Start early and give yourself a goal. For example: try to be done with the majority of your Christmas prep by December 1st. Think of all of how great it will be to have it done and spend December with your family rather than out fighting the crowds!

Finally, and above all, remember that Christmas isn't about being perfect or buying the most expensive gift. Its about being together and celebrating the birth of our Lord.


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queenoftheclick said...

To get some of my Christmas shopping done early, I use a couple of cool sites.

http://www.fishingfordeals.com - (the ladies on this forum love deals on great name brand items)

http://www.fatwallet.com - not as friendly as fishingfordeals, but they have some good stuff


Heather said...

Thank you so much, Your Majesty of the Mouse! ;o)

I'll be sure to check those out!!!

Mandy said...

I drive Jason and the boys nuts by unplugging everything all the time! I guess they just don't get it.

susan said...

Wow, great tips. Thanks! Im using www.savingswatch.com to find coupons, promotional codes, and hot deals. It helps me save extra cash because they give a much higher cashback.

Brandon Checketts said...

When selling books, Cash4Books does a pretty good job, but they don't always pay the most. You should use BookScouter.com to compare prices and see which site is paying the most for them. The prices vary a lot, and you'll find that some other sites are often paying 2x or 4x more than others, so it pays to shop around.