I Can't Stand It When They Do That!

I have a few favorite shows that I watch on TV and one of them is called If Walls Could Talk. Its a cool show that showcases old homes that have been restored with period furniture and fixtures like Victorian chaise lounges or farmhouse sinks. Its on HGTV and it USED to air at 7 PM. The timing was perfect. I could clean up from supper and turn it on while I relaxed from the hectic day.

Then, it got moved up to 6 :30. No biggie. I could just get my dishes and cleaning up done quicker or finish it up during the commercials.

But one day the nasty, housewife-hating gurus at HGTV decided to yank the rug out from under ol' Heather and they moved the show to 5 PM.

WHAT THE...????????

Of all the crappy moves they could have made they had to chose this one!

Now not only is it on WHILE I am trying to make supper, it will fall at just the time I need to be heading out the door to take Matthew to practices and games in the Fall. How decidedly inconvenient!

Nice work, HGTV!

Now I know I could fix this by getting a DVR or PVR, but the extra expense is not worth it to me. I could also record them on a DVD or VHS to watch later, but I can see that not happening. I would keep putting it off until a "better time" or my "spare time" Which, let's face it, are both figments of my imagination.

HGTV is certainly on my "list" which is as nice a way as I can say it.


Roy Hewitt said...

Hi Heather,

I came across your site and want to invite you to learn about Young Living. An amazing company.



Kokopelli said...

I just checked HGTV to see if maybe they had full episodes available on the net. Nope. I wonder if emailing them would help.

Cheryl said...

I can relate! Your sense of humor and posts make me giggle, though.