Gimmie A Pair Of Tennies And Some Advil!

When I was little, I would go barefoot all the time. I could walk across it all, grass, gravel, hot sand, broken glass. Okay, maybe not the broken glass, but that would have been a cool party trick!

As a teenager, my favorite shoes were KEDS- the most unsupportive shoes known to humankind. Before that I wore the 'crocs' of the 80's- jelly shoes. Still not much support, but I never had any problems. When I worked in a department store, I wore dress shoes everyday and didn't mind. Once, I even worked 14 hours in strappy heels. I was a warrior!

I don't know what has changed over the years, but I can't stand to go barefoot anymore! We all went to a party at a small beach Saturday night and after cruising back and forth in the sand with the kids my feet STILL HURT! They feel raw- like the skin has been stripped off or something! OUCH!

For the most part, I am a socks and tennis shoes kinda gal. Occasionally I wear sandals, but I despise flip-flops or anything without a sling-back. I even wear tennis shoes around the house because I don't like to walk around in socked-feet either because if I don't wear tennis shoes all day, my feet ache so bad by evening.

I don't know if its from my long feet (size 10) or from the fact that my arches are so deep. When I make a wet footprint on cement, there is a separate heel and toe, nothing connecting them down the outer edge. When I was a cheerleader, we made banners for the track team by stepping in paint and making the words out of footprints. I had to roll my foot to the outside and press down to make it look like an actual footprint.

In spite of my other blog being named The Fat Bottomed Girl, I know it isn't my weight either, I still weigh the same as I did in high school. The weight may be in different places (belieeeeve me it is!), but the total is the same.


Hold the phone!

I know exactly what it is... its from having kids! That HAS to be it. I didn't gain a ton of weight with either pregnancy, but the trauma of walking around for that long with that extra weight can't be good for your feet. And after they're born, you carry them around with all of their stuff- and babies/toddlers require a bunch of stuff! You're like a pack mule in the Andes traipsing to play dates and parks with diaper bags, car seats and kids. You get there and collapse from sheer exhaustion and the strain of all that weight and....

... your little one tears off his shoes and runs right across the gravel! :::sigh:::


Cheryl said...

I reallly enjoy your posts. They always make me smile.

Michelle said...

I am so totally opposite! I always wear sandals or flip flops. And for the most part it is really irritating to have socks on. Most of the winter I wear clogs or boots to keep from having to wear tennis shoes. I bought a pair of tennis shoes when I went back to work about a year and half ago. Im pretty sure its the first pair Ive bought in like 10 years!