Can I Please Go To Bed Now?

I feel like I've missed the entire weekend!


Saturday involved some errands, a ballgame, a graduation party (with awesome food!) and a very 'therapeutic' cookout at Mandy's in-law's. I could have sat by that fire all night, but the boys needed showers and some sleep. I'm sure she'll blog about it soon, too.

Today was much more hectic with several trips to an auto parts store, a trip to 'Wally World', coming home from 'Wally World' at 5:05 only to changing clothes, throw hot dogs in a pan for the guys and head out the door to meet a co-worker at 5:30 so we could attend calling hours for another co-worker's Mom. After all that, I came back home, changed again, helped Mike finish waxing his truck, ate dinner, made Steven clean up his toys, printed off a report for my niece and unloaded my car.

I now need a week to recover from my weekend! LOL!

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