Planning My Summer

Except for it being windy, we had pretty nice weather today. It got me to dreaming of all of the fun things I'd like to do this summer and I thought I might make a list I can refer back to. I'd also like some suggestions for things to do. What are you doing with your summer?

Here's my list in no particular order:

~Read some books! When I was younger, I'd tote books with me everywhere and I haven't read any book above an 8th grade level in I don't know how long.

~Make some crafts. The kids love to do little projects and since I've been working this year, we haven't done nearly as many as we usually do. I want to make some more cards for sure!

~ Park & Rec. Our local park has a great program and they go on some really fun and interesting trips.

~Swim. My SIL has a pool and my friend has a cute pond. We are frequent visitors to both in the summer.

~Garden. I don't have a lot planned, but I've started some plants and I plan to add to that over the years.

~Host the preschool mom's prayer group. I didn't get to go at all this year, but I kept up through friends and emails as to what was going on. I'd like to have them all over one day this summer. I have a couple of crafts in mind and everyone will bring a sack lunch.

~Have a garage sale. I have a few things set aside for this already. I need to mark them before the pile gets too big.

~Sell some things on eBay. I have a few things set aside for this, too. These are things I'd like to get a little more money for than I'd get at a garage sale.

~Fish. Too often, we let things like yard work and housework take precedence over doing what we really want to do. Just one day, I'd like to say, "It will all be here when we get back" and go fishing.

I think this is a good start to my list. I'm sure it will get rearranged and added to over the days to come, but that's okay. You have to be flexible and go where the wind takes you as well as having some plan in mind. Our weekends get filled up quickly during the summer months and it doesn't stop until about New Year's Day. I can't wait to see how many things we'll be able to do!

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Michelle said...

i love the whole fish idea! i know we get bogged down with all the house stuffs to do that we just forget to do fun family stuff! I think i am going to have to take a page from your book this summer!