WFMW: Snacks ~Plus~ A Giveaway!

Since baseball has started up for the boys, I've been trying to pass on tips that I find helpful for these busy days where you're trying to fit school, work, homework, dinner, practices and so much more into a few waking hours. Today, I'm sharing one more:
Keep water bottles and snacks in your vehicle! I have found it so handy to know that I have water bottles and simple snacks already in my vehicle.
It saves so much time and money to have something to munch on after a practice. Just think about it:
~No reason to stop and buy something for hungry kids on the way home.
~No foraging through the pantry or cabinets when you get home.
~The kids can eat it while you drive home rather than spend the time they may need at home to finish homework or take a bath.
~It can save you an expensive trip to the concession stand!
BONUS TIP: Make your snack something special that they wouldn't normally get at home! It makes it harder for tired kids to argue with you if the snack is something COOL!
Speaking of something COOL, Let's get on with the GIVEAWAY!!! Oh! It's a good one, too!!!
Did you know that you can make and order your very own PERSONALIZED Fruit Roll-Ups® for birthdays or holidays or just for fun???
Well you can and I'm giving away a FREE box of 30 personalized Fruit Roll-Ups® to FOUR lucky winners!!! I'm talking FREE, too! No cost! No Shipping! FREE!!!
Now tell me that wouldn't be a SUPER COOL snack to have handy!!!
How to enter:
1. Visit http://www.myfruitrollups.com/ and check out the site. You can see design ideas, watch a demo or try out their factory and make your own design!
2. Come back and leave one comment on this post letting me know what you might put on your personalized Fruit Roll-Ups® if you win! Make sure I can contact you via your comment (i.e.- leave an email address or link to your blog, please).
3. Spread the love and tell your friends to come and enter, too!
I will draw 4 winners from the comments left on Sunday, April 27, 2008 at NOON using random.org and announce them in a new post that day.
A consolation prize: Anyone who doesn't win can place an order for their own personalized Fruit Roll-Ups® and get $8 off using the promotional code: Bloggy8 at the end of their order.
Because there has to be some rules:
Comments will be numbered in the order they are received.
Multiple comments will not be counted as additional entries.
If I am unable to contact you through your comment (see above), another commenter will be drawn in your place.
I reserve the right to delete any unkind comments or disqualify those that do not play by the rules, so let's all try to get along. :o)
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lifeasamama said...

hey that's a fun giveaway. i think that i would make "much obliged" ones to give as snacks to friends that will come help us move this summer.

i liked the much obliged little fella - and then i'd do a two-part design with a thank you message from us. :)

Cammie (Jumping on the bed) said...

Yeah! How awesome is this? I would use the thank you design and keep them on hand to give when a "thank you" is in order. What a fun give away.

Hope said...

love the tip!

I would put Happy Birthday Chirsten!

Tricia Hicks said...

I would say: IBC PRESCHOOL. I would use them to give as snacks to our preschoolers on Sunday morning.

HomeSchool Mommy said...

Wow. This has to be the coolest! I had never heard of these, but I'm really loving them!

There's so many things I want from them, too. I like a little flower design they have. I would put that with the words, "I love you, Addy" (my daughter).

I have a home daycare, so I might order some with our logo to send home with the kids for a treat or something. They can't read, so it would be cute for their parents to see before they eat it.

Anyway...thanks for the tip!

Stephanie said...

Those are cool.

Where would I start to choose with four kids?! The happy birthday ones would be fun for Nolan since he has the next birthday!

April said...

mine would say "I love you!" (would be my kids eating them!)

JL said...

I'd probably put a butterfly on them and a message of some sort.
3cookieday at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

That sounds really neat. My kids would love that.I would put something to do with the sports the girls are in. Shelly


Margaret said...

I would put Aunt Margaret & UNcle Mark loves you!

And send them to my niece and nephew

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i'd put the kids favorite sports on them and keep them at my house for snacks.


Anonymous said...

Almost missed it!
I would do something for our boys taht reminds us of vacation in Florida.


Anonymous said...

Kendra would lovwe some of these with flowers! Laverne's daughter Karen.