Steven's Personalized Puppy

I was asked to review a personalized item for children under 7. Steven could hardly wait until his item arrived. We chose from the list of personalized books, animals and DVD's. He knew he would be getting a two-toned puppy that would sing a song that included his name in it. He could hardly wait until it got here.

About 10 days later, the dog was here. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of it. From the picture on the website, I imagined it smaller. It is actually about 12 inches when sitting and about 17 inches full-length. Steven named him Gumball, after his favorite treat at Grandma's house, and carried him around all day.

Gumball has even replaced the beagle that Steven has slept with since birth. Matthew bought a beagle for him the day he was born and Steven rarely misses a night without it. I haven't even heard him mention his old dog since Gumball arrived.

The song that Gumball sings is a "wake up" song that is so cheerful and bouncy without being annoying. It makes you want to dance. It is a real motivator!!! The song tells Steven to wake up, get out of bed, wash his face, brush his teeth and so on.

The song is played by squeezing Gumball's tummy where there is a small box with a button that activates the song. It takes 3 AAA batteries and is easily removed through a hook and loop tape closure in the back. Another thing I like is that there is a switch on the box so you can disable the song while the child is sleeping with the animal- they won't wake themselves up at night by rolling over on it.

The fur on Gumball is very soft. I caught myself petting it one night as I was putting Steven to bed. He is certainly very squeezable, too! I give our singing stuffed animal a huge "two thumbs-up"! I highly recommend this item!

The company Gumball came from is called Kids Personally. They offer personalized stories, DVD's, plush animals and much more. There is even a page of items you can personalize for teens and adults! Any of their items would be the hit of the party for birthdays, holidays or any occasion!


Kokopelli said...

They (Kids Personally) even have Bob The Tomato personalized. I hope they have a place where I can credit your review with my purchase.

Kokopelli said...

I've got a teddy bear that could probably be in a better home. Maybe my church child care center would like it.

Actually, I've two. The second is in my bathroom. I squeeze its hand before I shave and it sings "Wild Thing I think I Love You". Yeah, true. *laughing*