Steven-ism #13

Yesterday, Steven heard the poem telling what little girls and little boys are made of for the first time. You know, "Sugar and spice and everything nice..."

Steven: "Then that's what you're made of, Mom, because you're a girl!"

Me: "Yep, but Moms are made of all that stuff and just a tiny bit of mean. Right?"

Steven: "Yep! And a little piece of steak!"

Nice to know that I'm good for more than just clean kitchen faucets, finding misplaced toys and rides to t-ball practice. I also cook. LOL!

I finally realized tonight that he must have thought I said, "meat" instead of, "mean."


Jenny said...

HAHAH that's cute.

Kokopelli said...

If I haven't said it before now, Heather, you and the others in this blog circle are a hoot! You can't get much better than that in Tex-speak. *grin*