Fighting Allergies

In our house, Spring means allergies.

I love watching everything come to life and bloom, but it comes with a price. Everyone in our house battles itchy eyes, water eyes, sinusitis, sneezing and coughing and much more.

Here are some of the ways we deal with our allergies:

Humidifiers- keeping the air moist keeps pollen down and helps with the itchy throats and eyes.

Water- Drinking water is like giving your insides a shower. It keeps you hydrated and that helps keep allergies from turning into infections.

air purifiers- we have a good one that gets a ton of stuff out of the air! I highly recommend them.

Dusting then Vacuuming- Dust regularly and vacuum afterwards. You don't want dust bunnies full of pollen rolling around your house. :o)

Anti-inflammitiories- Sometimes an ibuprofen can take the achiness out of irritated sinuses or eyes and you may not even need much more than that.

Tea- A hot cup of tea can help sooth a sore throat. I like to add some honey and lemon when I'm not feeling well.

I hope some of these tips will be useful to you, too!

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