Happy Birthday Fran!

Today is my Mother-in-law's birthday, so Happy Birthday to her.

We had a super busy day that had us bouncing all over the county like a bunch of pinballs. There was a baseball camp for Matthew, baseball sign-ups for both boys, taking a lunch to Mike since he ended up working a full day rather than a half, grocery shopping and much more.

Then, we had a quick supper and went to shop for a birthday gift for Fran. Since she doesn't drink, we decided against a wine of the month club and went for clothes. Steven insisted that we give them to her tonight because it "wouldn't be her birthday if we give them to her tomorrow." How can you argue with that logic?

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K. said...

I read some of your blog and it's really interesting. I'm going to try some of your make it from scratch ideas and the Stevenisms are too cute!